About Melbet

The game includes elements of board game, collectible card game, bubble popping game and puzzle genres. The main game is made up of levels that work similarly to board games, with spots dedicated to items, power-ups, traps, and fights. During the fights, the player's characters fight with an enemy via a puzzle system similar to match-3 games. Multiple orbs of different colors are placed between the player's character and the enemy, and the player can match different kinds of orbs to do attacks or use other abilities. After a certain amount of orb matches, the player unlocks "Dokkan Mode" for one of their characters, which requires them to tap 7 targets in a Z-shaped configuration as a ki orb passes over them. This allows that character to unleash a super attack that is much more powerful than the typical super attack.

The game reached 5 million downloads within three months when it was released in Japan. The game reached 100 million downloads worldwide in November 2016. In April 2017, it topped the iPhone gross revenue chart in the United States, where it had close to 0.15 million downloads and grossed more than $2.6k from nearly $1.8 average revenue per user.[8] By July 2017, the game had released in 50 countries, reaching number 204 on the App Store in 16 countries, reaching 0.20 million downloads worldwide. By August 2018, the game had exceeded 0.25 million downloads worldwide.[9] As of August 2019, the game has exceeded 3.0 million downloads worldwide.[10] As of August 2021, the game has exceeded 3.5 million downloads worldwide.